Posted on May 3, 2021

Dr William Portuese

Considering a neck lift? Some patients become self-conscious as the facial aging process starts and the face is often out of balance with the eyelids or forehead.
A facelift or a neck lift is often done when patients say they look older than they are.
In the United States, the face/neck lift is a very common technique.
The facelift is a procedure that is performed on the face and neck to rejuvenate the face for cosmetic purposes.
The lax facial skin, neck skin and muscles, jowls, and neck fat are all tightened with this operation.
The muscles in the ears, the posterior portion of the neck, and the front portion of the neck are also tightened.
Excess skin around the ears is removed, as well as fat under the jaw. In the fourth and fifth decades, the ageing process in the neck begins.
The neck jaw line becomes unbalanced with the rest of the facial features for a number of causes, and patients become aware of the "turkey waddle" (too much fat) or muscle bands showing through.
Excess neck skin may also be an issue.
The Seattle Facelift Center's neck lift procedure is very common, and it is performed solely to rejuvenate the neck.
It is necessary to remember, however, that a neck lift by itself will not tighten any loose facial or neck skin.
It's basically a neck sculpting procedure that involves the removal of fat and the strengthening of muscles.
A face / neck lift would be needed if there is excess skin in the neck.
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